Top 10 Bad Male Actors!

Top 10 Bad Male Actors! It was unavoidable that we would get to a talent bashing. For this rundown I have gone for on-screen characters from decently mainstream films. Movie Lists are frequently very questionable on this site, however I get the inclination that this one won’t be. On the off chance that you do think I have left off one of your preferred awful actors, let me know in the comments.

10) Culkin

Disregard the Christian name? No – the two of them suck similarly! I am not in reality sure what to state about the Culkin Tribe. They are simply so terrible that nothing truly enlists in my brain when I consider them (aside from an odd image of Michael Jackson).

In any event he was notable as a kid in Home Alone/Home Alone 2

9) Jean-Claude Van Damme

Bad Male Actors
We need to praise his capacities with hand to hand fighting, yet wow – would they be able to simply pay a decent entertainer to figure out how to counterfeit it? Monsieur Van Damme can’t act worth a … you got it … damn!

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8) Hugh Grant

Single word summarizes this on-screen character: insipid. I am just puzzled by his popularity. He is a weak, dull, uninteresting man. You can be certain that in the event that he were out with a woman and got robbed, he would hole up behind her.

7) Ben Affleck

Ben Affliction has been on our screens awfully commonly. In addition to the fact that he is an awful on-screen character, he figures out how to be terrible to the point that conceivably great movies shrivel at his feet (Pearl Harbor for instance). He resembles the converse of King Midas – all that he contacts goes to… erm, well – crap.

6) Steven Seagal

“*grunt* *grmph*.” I don’t want to say too much in case he hits me. In fact, I think that must be the only way he gets roles because he is awful!

5) Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is a man of limits. He is incredibly well known with regards to looks, and very terrible with regards to acting. Having said that – I do feel somewhat upset for him – it more likely than not been difficult for him to be upstaged by trees in the Lord of the Rings.

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4) Paul Walker

This is a tricky one – when he goes ahead screen he appears as though he may be alright – however then he opens his mouth. They should burn through millions on his movies altering out the drool! How on earth has he wound up in such huge numbers of movies? Great tan however.

3) Hayden Christensen

Darth Vader? Attempt Dull Vader. Hayden Christensen is the most noticeably terrible thing since rotten bread. He has not once figured out how to play a persuading character. He is awful to such an extent that during a portion of his “acting” in the Star Wars motion pictures, I was wiped out a smidgen in my mouth.

2) Tom Cruise

Bad Male Actors
While I am enticed to summarize it in single word (scientology) – I won’t. Journey began from a positive point of view (Top Gun) yet he just deteriorated and more awful. Maybe he inspected out the entirety of his small ability.

1) Keanu Reeves

Bad Male Actors
It was an extreme choice picking the correct photograph for this one – from one viewpoint I had a photograph of paint drying, and then again I had a photograph of Keanu. While the paint photograph was significantly additionally intriguing, I figured I should go with this one. Has he at any point been respectable in a film? I just can’t think about a solitary occurrence of value acting. Indeed, even the one film everybody adores (The Matrix) fit him simply because the primary character was a wet fish. Sorry Keanu – you suck.

Notable Omissions: John Malkovich, Jeff Goldblum, Arnie, Sly

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