24 Things You Find In Every Lebanese House

You are not considered Lebanese if you do not have these items in your home. How many of these typical items do you have at your house?

1. A huge plastic bag filled with 100 smaller plastic bags.


2. A dozen knives that don’t work at all.


3. …And one knife that actually does.

4. A biscuit tin that is, of course, filled with a sewing kit.

5. A dodgy and mysterious Samsonite filled with important documents that you’re never allowed near.


6. The classic kitchen tablecloth with a bunch of fruit printed on it.
7. And fridge magnets shaped like fruits.

Lebanese Fruit Magnet

8. A half-cut lemon that sits in the fridge for like a week or two. #AllLemonsMatter.

Lebanese Lemon

9. An old T-Shirt that was turned into a cleaning rag.

George Khabaz
George Khabbaz

10. The infamous box of used batteries, buttons, superglue, and empty lighters.

11. A handful of CDs that are scratched and damaged but no one ever throws away.

12. A phonebook with old numbers from the 90s.

13. Hideous souvenirs in the living room and salon from weddings and births of random people.

14. An extensive collection of remotes that no one knows the function of but are an integral part of the household.

15. And the functional remote control that is scotch-taped together.


16. Ripped notebooks filled with cake recipes that never get made.

Lebanese Cake Recipe

17. The VAPE machine.


18. An oversized thick abaya in your mother’s closet.

19. Jars of Nescafe filled with burgul, salt, or sugar.

20. An old antique that is rusted on a coffee table.

21. A set of teacups that are reserved for guests and royalty.


22. An old ass calendar from 2006 that is still hanging on the kitchen wall because it has a family picture on it.

23. A FUGLY vase that is kept in the house because Tante Rougee from France gifted it to us.

24. A headless Chef.


What other “Lebanese” things could be found?…

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